About Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal systems convert the suns rays to heat your hot water. They can be used to supplement your fossil fuel hot water system or they can be integrated to work with your heat pump controls. The water heated by the panels will be used first, which then lowers the cost of running the heat pump.

Solar Thermal runs in a more efficient way than a Solar PV panel so you won’t need to have so many panels fitted to your roof. They are especially beneficial if your building has a high usage of hot water, for example in hotels, residential homes or maybe you have a swimming pool. Solar thermal can provide up to 60% of domestic hot water supplies. They are also eligible for the Governments RHI payment (RHI).

Solar Water Heating Installation

Our services include solar water heating and solar thermal installation, repair, servicing and maintenance from the accredited solar water heating installers in Suffolk, Essex & Norfolk. We’re cost-effective, professional & tidy when installing your solar water heating system.

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How does Solar Thermal Work

Solar thermal panels work by transferring warmth it has absorbed from the suns rays into a series of tubes which are full of an antifreeze (Glycol) mixture, this in turn reaches a very high temperature. It is then pumped through more pipes, which leads to a cylinder, which is placed inside the property. Inside the cylinder is a coil, which transfers its heat into your water for your taps, showers and baths and it can even be used to contribute to under floor heating if there are sunny days during the winter.

Solar thermal collectors come in 2 main forms:-

  • Evacuated Tubes
    The sun radiation strikes the evacuated tube warming up the copper heat pipe, then heats up the heat transfer fluid, which then turns to a gas and rises.
  • Flat plate collectors
    When it rises it transfers the stored heat to a copper heat exchanger. And then gets transferred via insulated pipes to your home.

We will look at orientation, elevation of the roof and what relevant shading is around to try to guarantee the maximum efficiency of the system.
Help the environment, protect yourself from rising energy bills and earn a tax free income for 7 years from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

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