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Solar Photovoltaics Systems capture the suns energy using solar photovoltaic cells. The cells convert the sunlight into electricity making a major contribution to powering your home. Solar Photovoltaics Panels do not need direct sunlight to work, and will even generate electricity on a cloudy day. For more information about solar power installation in Suffolk, contact our solar panel installers today for free advice.

Approved Solar Panel Installers

Greenfuture Energy are MCS certified, members of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) and registered with the NICEIC as approved contractors and domestic solar panel installers.

Solar PV Panel Installations

Our service includes designing, planning, repair, servicing, maintenance and installing Solar PV systems from the certified solar panel installers in Suffolk, Essex & Norfolk. Solar PV panels are mounted on the roof of your property and they can also be placed on the ground if a suitable roof is not available. We’re cost-effective, professional & tidy when installing your PV solar panel system.

Our solar panel installers can carry out the feasibility studies, design, installation, and any aftercare and maintenance requirements of your system. We treat each individual project with care to ensure that we come up with the best options for your specific needs.

We are passionate about the environment and what we do. We would be happy to discuss Solar PV with you and give you an honest assessment of whether a solar PV system installation will work for your home or business. We will look at orientation, the elevation of the roof and what relevant shading is around to try to guarantee the maximum efficiency of the system.

Our services include solar panel installation, repair, servicing and maintenance from the certified solar panel installers in Suffolk, Essex & Norfolk. We’re cost-effective, professional & tidy when installing your solar PV panel system.

Isn’t it time that you found out how both you and the environment could benefit from a solar panel installation? Contact our solar panel installers on 01728 604368 to discuss having a Solar PV system installed on your domestic or business property in Suffolk, Essex or Norfolk.

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Greenfuture Energy’s solar panel installers are the experts in helping you make savings in your fuel bill with renewable energy solutions. Request a callback today from our solar panel installers for free advice with your solar panel installation and see the difference solar power can make to your home.

    Solar Panel Installation FAQs

    How do Solar Panels work?

    Sunlight shines on the solar panel and creates a direct current of electricity. The brighter that the light is the more electricity that is generated. The DC current flows through an inverter which converts it into alternating current (the type of electricity used in your home). From the inverter the electricity flows through a meter into your mains consumer unit, within your fuse box, where it connects with your homes’ electrical system.
    Solar energy will power your home in exactly the same way as electricity from the grid. The only difference is that it is free and will always be used before any power from the national grid. If there is not enough power from the panels to meet your needs or it is at night time, your electricity supplier will continue to supply your home.
    Any of the solar energy that your panels have generated that you do not use flows back into the grid for someone else to use, which ultimately means that your solar PV is helping to cut general carbon emissions. An inverter is used to convert the direct current (DC power) produced by the PV system to alternating current (AC). The inverter is an integral part of a Solar PV system as it ensures the output voltage from the PV modules is slightly higher than the voltage coming from the grid.
    This means that your home will use the electricity from the solar PV system before drawing from the grid thus reducing consumption of more expensive electricity. Any surplus solar PV electricity will be exported back to the grid.

    What is Solar PV?

    PV stands for Photo (light) Voltaic (Electric). Solar PV panels convert light into electricity. Note the word light, not sunlight. They continue to produce electricity on cloudy days. It’s just that their output will be higher, the brighter the light is. This is not a new technology – the use of light to produce electricity dates back to the 19th Century.

    How long does a PV Solar Panel installation take?

    Home Solar Panel installations take up to two days to install. However, typical solar panel installations are finished in one day.
    Commercial solar panel installations can take longer, depending on the size of the site and the specific requirements of your business.

    Do Solar Panels need planning permission?

    In most cases, no. Domestic solar panel installations are considered ‘permitted developments’ and don’t require planning permission unless:
    - you live in a listed building
    - your home’s in a conservation area or an area of outstanding natural beauty. (Panels are permitted in a conservation area as long as they’re not installed on a wall or roof that fronts the main highway)
    - the panels protrude more than 200mm from the roof. We always fit within this limit.
    - you are having a ground-mounted array.

    Do solar panels work in rain?

    Photovoltaic panels can use direct or indirect sunlight to generate power, though they are most effective in direct sunlight. Solar panels will still work even when the light is reflected or partially blocked by clouds. The rain actually helps to keep your panels operating efficiently by washing away any dust or dirt.

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