New Home Builders in Suffolk & Norfolk

If you are looking for new house builders to construct your dream home – then look no further. Greenfuture Solutions can create your beautiful building, whether it be domestic or commercial. Our professional and experienced builders strive to construct your vision on time and on budget.

New House Builders

Every home we develop is unique and individually designed to suit your requirements. We are known for our personal service and our small, bespoke developments are designed to make perfect use of space. Greenfuture Solutions are specialist house builders for any size of new build project from single houses to multiple dwellings. We undertake commercial and domestic contracts and employ full time, professionally accredited builders so you can be sure of tailored, seamless service and an excellent finish.

Planning a Building Project?‎

Your choice of a new home builder could be the difference between a home you love or a building project which turns into a nightmare. Our professional and experienced house builders strive to construct your vision on time and on budget, whether it’s a domestic house or commercial building.

We pride ourselves on gaining the majority of our work through personal recommendation and referral so you are guaranteed the same level of commitment and attention to detail no matter how big the project. Our expert builders offer a diverse skill-set along with a highly effective and competitive approach to projects of all sizes and levels of technical complexity. We have recently completed new build projects in Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk, so please contact us for a free quotation and see how we can help make your dream home a reality.

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Greenfuture Solutions are expert house builders helping you to construct your dream building. Request a callback from our new house builders today for free advice from our professional and experienced builders, building your vision whether domestic or commercial.

    New House Builders FAQs

    What information do I need to provide to get a quote from a builder?

    Before choosing a builder it is important to get a sense of how much the building works will cost. A good start is to request a quote from a reputable builder like Greenfuture Solutions.
    The level of detail you provide to the builder will be the difference in getting a fixed price quote or estimate. The best way to get clear quotes is to provide a complete tender package. A tender package is a complete set of plans and documents designed to tell the builder about the project and what he needs to build.

    What should a house build tender package contain?

    A tender package should contain:
    House plans and diagrams - Clear and comprehensive plans that include floor layout, roof plans and elevations.
    Engineering documents - These documents contain information about the structure of the home ensuring that the method of construction is sufficient to withhold local weather patterns, soil types, earth movements, etc. Specifically, footings design, suspended concrete slabs, steel beams, load bearing walls, concrete columns and retaining walls.
    Soil report - A soil report is prepared by a licensed geotechnical engineer. This report details the earth conditions, which affect the building, and is needed by the engineer to design the foundation (footings, slab) of the building.
    Specifications - This document should provide as much detail as possible on the materials, fittings and fixtures to be incorporated in the build. This includes the type and style of kitchen, benchtops (stone, laminate, marble), tiles, timber flooring (brush box, re-engineered) and light fittings (downlights, pendants). All of this detailed information helps the builder give accurate costings for the materials required for a fixed price quote. This document is crucial in comparing quotes as one builder may prepare a quote based on budget fittings, while another may base his costings on a medium range of fittings.
    Energy report - This report details how your home will comply with the 6 Star Standard in the National Construction Code. All new homes, renovations, extensions and additions must comply with this code. Put simply, an energy rating is a calculation of the heating and cooling loads required to maintain a comfortable living environment within a building. The requirements for new homes are different from those of extensions and renovations.

    What is the difference between a custom-home builder and a volume builder?

    The family home will generally be the greatest investment you make in your lifetime. Not only is it a big financial commitment, but it will also be an emotional commitment. As you plan your new home one of the first decisions you will make is to go with a smaller custom-home builder or one of the big volume builders.
    The main difference between the two is custom-home builders are generally small construction businesses who specialise in unique builds, with each home they build is a little different to the last. A custom home builder can design and prepare plans based on your specific requirements and site, or build from plans provided by the client. They also have a higher standard of construction principles, giving premium quality and finish. One of the benefits of choosing this type of builder is the flexibility and choice you have as you work collaboratively with your builder to design and select the fixtures and finishes you want.
    Generally, when you work with a custom home builder like Greenfuture Solutions, you work with the builder directly. We will assist you through all stages of the building project.
    Volume builders operate by providing a range of standard designs they have in their library. They are generally not site-specific, so don’t allow for layout flexibility. Usually, your choice of fixtures and fittings is limited.

    How much will the build cost?

    There are a few considerations before a price can be given. These include:
    - the size of the project
    - complexity of the design
    - inclusions (basic, standard or luxury)
    - characteristics of the land/site (difficult site, accessibility, etc.)
    After considering all of these factors a price guide can be given.

    How long does it take to build?

    The construction time for a project will vary depending on the complexity of the development and the level of finish. Greenfuture Solutions will be able to give you a timeframe during the initial consultation after reviewing your building documents in detail.

    Will I be kept up to date during the building project?

    Absolutely! Communication is key and working in partnership with our clients is critical to our success. A regular site meeting is scheduled to discuss progress, milestones work coming up and selections if needed.

    We’re more than new house builders…

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    Why Choose Greenfuture Energy?

    Whatever your requirements, there are many great reasons to choose Greenfuture Energy!

    Wide Range of Renewable Services

    We offer an impressively broad range of electrical, renewable and solution-driven services. These include (but are certainly not limited to) plumbing, boiler repairs, electrical testing, solar panel installation, and much more.

    High-Quality Workmanship

    Working to the highest possible standards, our electricians, builders, and renewable energy system installers can always be depended on for whatever job you commission us to do. The quality of our workmanship is backed up by our many certifications and positive reviews.

    TrustMark Registered

    TrustMark, NICEIC and many other organisations have given us their coveted marks of approval. This ensures the highest level of workmanship and professionalism from our team. See below for a full list of our certifications.

    Commitment to Green Sustainability

    Greenfuture is more than just a clever name – we truly believe in a greener, more sustainable future for all. Every area of our business has hard-working individuals dedicated to supplying eco-friendly solutions, from solar panels to EV charging stations.

    Years of Experience

    Our expert electricians and installers have many years of experience in their respective lines of work. We believe that experience matters a great deal in this profession, giving our technicians the knowledge and skill required to complete any job.

    What to Expect with Greenfuture

    Initial Contact

    Reach out to us via our contact form, telephone or email. At this point, you can give us your name, return number and postcode address.

    Our Callback

    Next, we’ll get back in touch with you as soon as we can to discuss your requirements, preferences, and ideal timeframe for our specialists to arrive.

    Free Property Assessment

    Our team will be dispatched at a time of your convenience to conduct a free home inspection and assessment before beginning their work.

    TrustMark-Approved Work

    Beginning work in no time at all, our specialists will make impressive progress on your electrical project.


    Once we’re done, we’ll leave any energy systems we’ve worked on in a vastly improved condition. Leave us a review to let us know how we’ve performed. 

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