About Ground Source Heat Pumps

The ground source heat pumps technology converts the thermal energy stored in the ground into heat, which in turn heats your hot water and heating system in a very efficient way.

They can be extremely beneficial in cutting your energy bills and your carbon footprint. With rising fuel bills that has got to be a major consideration and by installing a Ground Source Heat Pump you will be going a long way to helping to save our environment too. Talk to us to find out if you can earn revenue through the RHI scheme & reduce your home’s energy consumption.

Ground Source Heat Pump Installation

Our services include ground source heat pump installation, repair, servicing and maintenance from the accredited ground source heat pump installers in Suffolk. We’re cost-effective, professional & tidy when installing your ground source heat pump.

Isn’t it time that you found out how both you and the environment could benefit from an ground source heat pump installation? Contact us on 01728 604368 to discuss having an ground source heat pump installed in your domestic or business property in Suffolk, Essex or Norfolk.

How do Ground Source Heat Pumps work

Ground Source Heat Pumps systems are made using loops of water pipes, which are buried in the ground. The heat pump harnesses natural heat from the ground by pumping a mixture of glycol (antifreeze) and water around the ground loop absorbing the natural heat. The mixture is compressed and passes through the heat exchanger. Basically it extracts the heat and transfers it into the heat pump, which increases the temperature.

The heat pump then transfers it into your heating system, for hot water, through radiators, or into an under floor heating system. A ground source heat pump does need electricity to run but will use less electrical energy by using the heat the ground produces. In effect the heat pump is acting as your boiler and the ground is providing heat rather than burning fuel.

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