Electrical Testing and Inspections in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex

The safety of electrical systems and appliances is a top priority of any landlord, homeowner, or business owner. Whether you need some electrical testing done as a matter of urgency or have an upcoming routine inspection scheduled, our trained testers and inspectors are available around the clock to ensure your devices meet UK standards.

If you need electrical testing and inspections performed by experienced, NICEIC-approved professionals, contact the Greenfuture team today to discuss your electrical inspection requirements. We can be dispatched to a wide range of locations across the UK, primarily in the counties of Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex.

Our Electrical Testing Services

Performing electrical tests and inspections to the very highest standards requires a professional touch. To get the most reliable, accurate results on any of the following areas of electrical system testing, call Greenfuture today to arrange an inspection date.

Fire Alarm Testing

In the event of a real blaze outbreak, having working fire alarm systems is absolutely essential. Sudden power failures at the worst possible time could have very dire consequences. Our team can activate the alarms to test if they work under normal conditions and inspect the internal wiring as needed.

Smoke Alarm Testing

Having working alarm systems for detecting the build-up of smoke is vital for maintaining the safety of your family and home. If you have any concerns about the functionality of your smoke alarms, make sure to call our team and we can perform a thorough inspection.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Testing

Odourless, colourless and completely invisible, carbon monoxide is a quiet assassin that can be devastating when left to travel through your home undetected. A carbon monoxide detector can put your mind at ease, but only if you know it works – ensure that it stays functional by having it tested and inspected by an electrician at a time of your choosing.

PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing is a standard procedure for our trained electrical specialists. Most of the time, a simple visual inspection will be enough for an average electrician to determine its functionality, but more vigorous safety testing may occasionally be necessary. From microwaves to electric heaters, any electrical appliance you have can be given a certified PAT test by us.

Wiring Testing

If you regularly find annoying problems with your lighting or heating, you may have faulty wiring. Our team can run some basic tests on your property’s wiring and give the whole circuitry a thorough inspection. Often, only minor repairs may be necessary, so you don’t have to rip everything out to start from scratch. We can also perform mandatory fixed wire testing.

Air Conditioning System Inspections

Good air conditioning systems can help you maintain consistent temperatures throughout your property, whilst bringing about fewer draughts, reduced condensation levels, and more. With the Greenfuture team at your disposal, the task of keeping your AC systems in prime working condition can be a piece of cake.

Electrical Certifications

For a full certification of your property’s safety, our NICEIC-qualified electricians can give their stamp of approval. Being able to prove that your property is safe and operational can be appealing for customers if you’re a landlord of a commercial and hugely reassuring for tenants living in a residential space.

General Surveyancing

For any other forms of general electrical surveying, inspecting or testing, we’re always on hand to ensure your safety and satisfaction! Contact our team to discuss your requirements and we’ll handle the rest.

Contact Our Electrical Inspectors

If you wish to contact us about electrical inspections, we have a number of options for you to choose from. You can fill out our contact form, give us a call, or email our support team. Always friendly and approachable, we ultimately aim to provide the best sustainable electrical services in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex in order to live up to our NICEIC-certified standards.

    Emergency Electrical Inspectors

    Electrical inspections can often be a matter of urgency, even if they appear to be fairly routine. Our trained electricians can be dispatched on the double to provide emergency electrical testing, as well as minor repairs if needed, to ensure that your electrical systems run smoothly and meet the requirements of Part P of Building Regulations. We can test and inspect fire alarms, smoke detectors, wires, appliances, AC systems, and much more. General safety surveying is on the table for extra reassurance.

    Our Other Electrical Services

    EV Charging Point Installation

    Environmentally-minded drivers need to be able to charge their electric vehicles when they get home, as they are currently hard to come by. Cutting-edge EV charging points can be installed in your garage or driveway for amazing prices!

    Domestic and Commercial Rewiring

    Poor electrical wiring is often a major problem faced by residential homeowners and commercial landlords. A qualified electrician can perform domestic rewiring for the former or commercial rewiring for the latter to make all circuitry work as efficiently as it should.

    Fresh Wiring for New Build Properties

    New property wiring can be installed at amazing speeds and even more incredible rates with Greenfuture. Our technicians work to industry standards and leave buildings with a fully functional circuit in no time at all.

    Electrician Testing and Inspection Services FAQs

    When is an electrical inspection required?

    In the majority of cases, electrical inspections may only be required when a homeowner or landlord has specific concerns about the integrity of their wiring or electronics. You may have noticed signs of minor issues like faulty wiring, bad lighting, or appliances on their last legs. It’s important to get these looked at in due course because they could develop into more serious problems in the future.

    All that said, some checks may need to be performed on a routine basis. For landlords, it is necessary to get your property tested, approved, and certified every five years.

    What happens if you fail an electrical inspection?

    Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world if you can’t initially pass an electrical inspection or condition report. What matters is your willingness to remedy the situation if your electrical systems do not immediately get a passing grade.

    A property can fail an electrical safety inspection for a number of reasons. The following grades indicate how unsatisfactory the inspector deems your property:

    C1: Immediate danger present
    C2: Potential danger present
    C3: General improvements to be made
    FI: Further investigation required urgently

    With the exception of C3, receiving these C grades will mark the property as unsatisfactory and remedial instructions can be provided. C1 and C2 grades will require especially urgent attention in order to eliminate the potential hazard. When it comes to making any other improvements, landlords should begin repair work within 28 days of discovering the faults. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that a second inspection may not be necessary, so long as your electrical engineer makes written confirmation that you have successfully amended the issues raised in the original report.

    How long does an average electrical safety inspection take?

    Most electrical inspections do not take excessively long. Many can be completed in only a few hours – sometimes even less than that. It all depends on the scale of inspection and testing work that needs to be done. We can predict with some accuracy how long the inspections will take based on the information provided to us during our initial consultation.

    Does Greenfuture do electrical testing for landlords?

    We can perform electrical testing on behalf of residential and commercial landlords, who make up a large portion of our customer base. Some landlords may have electrical wiring hastily installed in their properties and need testing or certification to meet building regulations. As landlords have more legal obligations to carry out electrical testing and inspections on a regular basis, it is important that they get the most accurate results from electrical inspection condition reports for the sake of their tenants or customers. In a worst-case scenario, disgruntled tenants could sue for negligence if structural standards are not met. Make sure that never happens by having your systems inspected regularly by a qualified professional.

    Is fixed wire electrical testing a legal requirement?

    Fixed wire electrical testing is legally required for commercial property owners and organisations to carry out on a regular basis. The safety and functionality of all wired circuitry in a commercial building is paramount, as failure to comply with building regulation standards could result in fines and other legal action taken against your business. Electrician firms with experienced professionals on hand can be called out to perform fixed wire testing on a regular schedule.

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