Electric Car Charging Points Installation in Suffolk, Norfolk & Essex

At the cutting-edge, Greenfuture Energy is proud to be one of the UK’s leading experts in electric car charging points installation. When you choose us as your EV charger installers, you are choosing experience, quality and reliability.

The number of hybrid and electric vehicles are continuing to increase, so charging stations are becoming ever more popular for new as well as existing buildings. With the use of electric vehicle charging points, you can also make your electric vehicle far more practical by reducing charging times, getting you back on the road sooner.

Electric Vehicle Charging Points Installation

Greenfuture Energy can install an EV charger for your own use or if you are a business for you to provide to your customers. Our electric vehicle charge point installers can install multi-point chargers in commercial premises. With electric vehicle owners constantly trying to find locations to charge their cars why not take the opportunity to offer this service to your customers. It may convert potential visitors to the point into new customers. By investing in EV chargers you will be able to deliver better amenities and ensure you are safeguarding your business’ future by becoming fit for purpose as the number of hybrid and electric vehicles increases.

Our services include electric vehicle charging point installation, repair, servicing and maintenance from accredited EV charging point installers in Suffolk. We’re cost-effective, professional & tidy when installing your electric car charging point. All the work we undertake is fully insured and guaranteed.

Isn’t it time that you found out how both you and the environment could benefit from electric car charging points installation in Suffolk, Norfolk or Essex? Contact our EV charging point installers on 01728 604369 to discuss having an EV charger installed in your domestic or business property.

Business Benefits of EV Charger Installation

  • Set an example by going green, boosting both staff and customer loyalty
  • Your business could be listed on online maps, boosting your reach
  • Generate revenue by monetising your EV charging facility
  • Make savings on your utilities by enjoying government subsidiaries

Domestic Benefits of EV Charger Installation

  • Ensure you have 24/7 access to an EV charger at home
  • No need to pay to use someone else's EV charging point
  • Potentially increase the value of your property
  • Choose an EV charger that is compatible with your car

Get Started with your EV Charger Today

Greenfuture Energy Ltd are the experts in helping you make savings in your fuel bill with renewable energy solutions. Request a callback today from our electric vehicle charge point installers for free advice on your electric vehicle charging points installation and see the difference we can make to your home.

    Electric Vehicle Charging Points FAQs

    What are the benefits of having a home electric vehicle charging point?

    - Unlike a conventional plug socket, a charge point communicates directly with your car, making charging at home much safer.
    - Charging time is reduced by 30 - 60%, depending on the car, making charging at home much quicker.

    Do you install electric car charging points for businesses?

    Yes, we do install many electric car charging points for businesses in Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk. If your business wants to be a “green company”, an electric vehicle charging point could be a major step to your company’s pursuit in having a sustained carbon footprint. You may choose to swap your company vehicles to electric which will reduce your fuel costs dramatically.

    How many electric vehicle charging stations are there in the UK?

    The number of electric vehicle charging stations in the UK has been steadily increasing. This reflects the increasing number of electric vehicles being produced for the UK and the number of electric vehicles driven on our roads. There are now over 35,000 charge point connectors UK-wide in over 13,000 locations.

    This means, there are now officially more EV charging stations than petrol stations in the UK, and with the advancement in electric vehicle batteries this number is likely to keep growing. In 2020 alone, there have been around 7,000 charge point connectors added across the country, with the biggest increase being observed in the 150-350kW ultra-rapid chargers.

    Most EV owners install a charging point at home to always have convenient access to a charger. However, across the country, there are many free charging stations, often located in supermarkets, shopping centres, public car parks, hotels and sometimes service stations.

    When planning to use a free charge point, it’s best to check restrictions as sometimes the privilege of charging your electric vehicle for free comes with a time limit or a requirement to purchase something in-store.

    How do electric vehicle charging stations work?

    Charging your electric vehicle is as simple as plugging it in and waiting for the battery to reach the desired level, giving you enough mileage to drive where you want to. Oftentimes, the main worry from prospective EV buyers is the availability of charging points to keep their car charged.

    To put it simply you can either charge your car at home, at work or a public charging station. If you’re planning to charge your car overnight, you can simply use a standard three-pin socket. However, using such a charger will take several hours to charge the battery fully. It may be more efficient to install a dedicated home EV charger as it delivers three times as much power and therefore charges the entire battery within a few hours.

    Outside of your home, your workplace may offer charging points installed at the company car park. If your work doesn’t have an electric vehicle charge point installed, it could take advantage of the Government's Workplace Charging Scheme (WGS). The WGS is a voucher-based scheme that provides a contribution towards the up-front costs of the purchase and installation of an electric vehicle charger to the value of £300 per socket – up to a maximum of 20 sockets.

    When on the go, public EV charging stations are the most convenient options and can be found in various locations ranging from service stations, car parks, supermarkets, cinemas and occasionally at the side of the road. Most public charging stations are fitted with rapid charging units allowing you to reach 80% of battery charge within as little as 20-30 minutes. The number of public charging stations is ever increasing, currently at roughly 35,000 stations across the UK. A convenient map can be found on the Zap-Map website.

    How do you use EV charging points?

    Before going to the nearest EV charging point, make sure to check whether the sockets at that charging station are compatible with your vehicle. The compatibility of different charging units and cars can confuse new electric vehicle owners. Luckily, most EVs and EV charging points are compatible in the UK.

    However, it is common that for rapid-charging units you may need to supply your cable which would normally be stored in your vehicle. Rapid chargers use tethered cables which are permanently connected and cannot be removed from the charging unit. In the UK you’ll notice that most rapid chargers come with the two most popular rapid charge connectors - CHAdeMO and CCS - simply choose the one that is compatible with your car.

    Depending on where you get your EV from, the dealer, the lease company or the handbook can inform you as to what charging ports your vehicle uses. Downloading the Zap-Map app onto your phone allows you to quickly filter through the map to find the charging points that are compatible with your EV. Once you’re there, simply connect the cables and wait for the battery to charge.

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