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If you’re looking for an industry-leading, certified air source heat pump installer in Suffolk, Norfolk or Essex, look no further than Greenfuture Energy! As a cutting edge technology for efficiently reducing your carbon footprint, and also for ensuring you have a warm, cosy home, we are proud to be among the region’s leading air source heat pump installation experts.

About Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps operate by taking the energy from the air outside and transfering it into water. This powers your central heating and hot water supply. It works in a similar way to a refrigerator but extracts heat from the outside air, even in the winter months, moving the air over a copper coil which contains a refrigerant.

The air contains heat which boils the refrigerant producing a vapour. It then passes through a heat exchanger and heats up the water. Finally, this is directed to either under floor heating coils, large radiators or your hot water cylinder.

Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Our services include air source heat pump installation, repair, servicing and maintenance from accredited heat pump installers in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex. We’re cost-effective, professional & tidy at work, as it should be! Talk to our experts to find out if you can earn revenue through the RHI scheme & reduce your home’s energy consumption.

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Benefit from Air Source Heating

  • Make real savings on your monthly energy bill
  • You could benefit from the RHI
  • Quiet operation
  • Minimal maintenance required compared to combustion systems
  • No fuel storage needed, saving you space

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    Air Source Heat Pump FAQs

    How do air source heat pumps work?

    Air source heat pumps work in a very similar way to a refrigerator, just in reverse. An evaporator collects heat from the ambient air, even at temperatures as low as -20° C. The evaporator contains liquid refrigerant, the heat transfers from the air to the refrigerant. This process increases the temperature of the refrigerant, changing it from a liquid to a gas.

    The gas is then compressed by a compressor, this causes its temperature to significantly increase. The hot gas then passes through a condenser where the heat energy is transferred to the water used in the household heating system. Finally, the cooled refrigerant turns back into a liquid. After it passes through an expansion valve, it returns to the evaporator and the process starts over again.

    Does an air source heat pump system work all year round?

    The system performs down to air temperatures of -10°c which means that they are more than suitable for installations within the UK. Hot water and Heating can be provided 365 days a year. In properties with larger heat demand, boilers or multi-fuel burners can be successfully integrated.

    Can an air source heat pump reduce my carbon footprint?

    Yes, the system we install could help you significantly reduce your CO2 emissions compared to conventional oil or LPG boilers.

    Does air source heat pump units require a lot of maintenance?

    No, because it comes as a factory-sealed unit, like a fridge. The lifespan of a typical heat pump system is 20-25 years! We do offer our clients a maintenance contract to ensure that the system is in good working order and you are getting optimum performance from your heat pump.

    How efficient is an air source heat pump?

    A typical air source heat pump runs at a COP 3.2 when the outside temperature is above 7°C. This means that the heat pump is 320% efficient: for each kWh of electricity used by the fans and the compressor, 3.2 kWh of heat is generated. The higher the COP, the better.

    Can you get a grant for an air source heat pump?

    There is financial support for air source heat pump installation in the UK. Many renewable energy systems are subsidised by the government to encourage switching to more environmentally friendly solutions. Air source heat pump grants or financial support are available to cover some – or all – of the cost of installation.

    Once it's installed, you can get paid for the energy you produce by joining the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. This scheme allows you to get payments for all the energy you produce with your new renewable energy system, which helps you to recover the costs of installation.

    With such incentives in place, switching to eco-friendly heating systems is an attractive option for all of those living in the UK and hoping to contribute to reversing climate change.

    How much does an air source heat pump cost?

    The costs of an air source heat pump consist of installation costs and post-installation running costs. Like many renewable energy systems, initial costs may seem relatively high. However, once the air source heat pump is installed, the running cost is only the amount spent on the electricity to run it.

    Initially, you can expect to pay anywhere between £9,000 and £11,000 to install the air source heat pump by the side of your house. Once installed, the running costs of the heat pump will vary from property to property. These will depend on several factors including the size of your home, how well it is insulated and the temperature level you are going for. Additionally, the amount you will be saving will depend on the type of energy system your home uses currently.

    In the UK, there is some financial support available from the government for households using air source heat pumps - you may be eligible to receive payments for the heat you generate using a heat pump.

    How much noise do air source heat pumps make?

    Since air source heat pumps operate outdoors, it’s important to consider noise levels, especially when you have neighbours! Modern air source heat pumps are not very noisy. Air source heat pumps produce approximately 40-60 decibels of noise at 1 meter from the pump, often at the lower end of that range.

    Most modern air source heat pump manufacturers aim to produce units that don’t give off any more noise than a low whirring sound, keeping the decibels below 42. Any heat pump that produces noise over 42 decibels heard from the nearest neighbouring property would require planning permission.

    To make the installation process easier on prospective customers, manufacturers try hard to make the heat pumps as quiet as possible. When getting your air source heat pump installed, the installer will make sure the pump is placed in the most optimal place in terms of noise and ease of installation.

    How long do air source heat pumps last?

    Air source heat pumps are extremely long-lasting. While, on average, traditional boilers may need replacing after 10-12 years, modern air source heat pumps can operate for up to 20-25 years thanks to their robust, durable design. Within their mechanisms, there isn’t much that can go wrong, especially in newer models.

    Additionally, many heat pumps come with a five-year guarantee, adding a layer of security for prospective customers. This guaranteed longevity makes these efficient renewable energy units so attractive as it allows more than enough time to recoup the initial installation costs and save a large amount on top of that, in the years that follow.

    Just like with any heating system, to keep your air source heat pump at its optimal condition and increase its lifespan, regular maintenance should be carried out. Simple tasks such as cleaning filters, checking for system leaks, and ensuring the refrigerant levels stay sufficient should be carried out on a regular basis. Any further technical tasks, as well as an annual check-up, should be completed by a certified technician.

    Do air source heat pumps need servicing?

    Yes, air source heat pumps require regular servicing to keep them at their optimal condition, just like other heating systems. As a rule of thumb, it’s recommended to have a certified technician perform a full service on your air source heat pump once annually, unless something worrying happens before then.

    Air source heat pumps are usually very durable and long-lasting. However, in between the annual servicing, there are small tasks you can do yourself to extend the life of your heat pump. These include cleaning filters, checking for system leaks, and ensuring the refrigerant levels stay sufficient.

    Regular servicing helps to keep your heat pump in a good condition and spot any early signs of wear and tear that could lead to faults. Within the mechanics of an air source heat pump, the one thing that sometimes breaks is the compressor. Having a certified technician look over your heat pump once a year may help you prevent faults with your compressor.