Solar heating for lower energy bills

Would you like solar panels installed in your home? Greenfuture Energy Ltd specialises in the supply and installation of photovoltaic and thermal solar panels. The energy supplied by the solar panels can pre-heat water as well as generate electricity for your home. Solar heating and PV panels are generally more cost effective than traditional forms of energy, as well as being environmentally friendly.


We'll make sure that the panels are sited perfectly to make the most of the available sunshine to give you maximum energy.

Don't worry about the British weather!

If you think that you don't get enough sunlight in the UK, think again. A warm climate and direct sunlight are far from essential. Solar PV installations only need light during the day to produce electricity for your home.

Take advantage of the latest innovations in solar heating and enjoy lower bills today.

The Green Deal

- Photovoltaic and thermal solar panels

- Advice on your eligibility for subsidies under the Green Deal

- Make money on surplus energy

- Advice on renewable energy solutions

Help with all your heating needs

Our team of fully qualified plumbers and electricians are on hand to help you with any problems around the home. From design to installations, we'll give you the energy solutions you need.

Don't just save - make money from your solar panels


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